April 2016 Blog

April was yet another blur as we sped past Easter with Pat away in Changzhou for a Teacher’s Attribute Training Weekend and Scott holding the fort in Beijing. Pat has taught at four of these weekend intensives which can take place anywhere in this great republic with a team of four Beijing based facilitators heading … More April 2016 Blog

February 2016 Entry

Well, we must say February flew by and it was a very different month from the prior months that we have spent in China. First of all, February 8 was Chinese New Year’s with lots of the celebration and fireworks and food and traveling. You’ll see some of the pictures that I borrowed from a … More February 2016 Entry

January 2016 Blog

OK so it’s less than one week away from Chinese New Year and I’ve been reprimanded by many wonderful friends that I haven’t posted lately. I am laid up with some digestive issues so I figured this is a good time to get to some updates. Where do I begin? It is now five months … More January 2016 Blog

Chinese Love

Sunday, November 22, 2015 Haidian Christian Church in Beijing Haidian is where Pat & I go to Church on Sunday Mornings.  We prefer Haidian over some other communities for one primary reason – it speaks to Chinese worshippers in several languages – including an English service at 11:30 on Sundays. The focus on Chinese people … More Chinese Love